Roadmap for Interior Design Course at Caddesk Marathahalli (6 Months):

Month 1:

  1. Introduction to Interior Design:
  1. Space Planning:
  1. Design Styles:
  1. Color Theory:

Software: Introduction to AutoCAD for basic 2D drafting.

Month 2:

  1. Furniture and Fixtures:
  1. Materials and Finishes:
  1. Lighting Design:

Software: Introduction to 3ds Max for 3D modeling and rendering.

Month 3:

  1. Interior Detailing:
  1. Sustainable Design:
  1. Textiles and Fabrics:

Software: Introduction to SketchUp for 3D modeling and visualization.

Month 4:

  1. Residential Interior Design:
  1. Commercial Interior Design:
  1. Project Management:

Software: Introduction to Revit for BIM (Building Information Modeling) capabilities.

Month 5:

  1. Interior Design for Specific Areas:
  1. 3D Visualization:
  1. Client Communication:

Software: Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) for graphic design and presentation.

Month 6:

  1. Portfolio Development:
  1. Mock Projects:
  1. Final Presentation:

Appropriate Softwares for the Course:

  1. AutoCAD: For 2D drafting and floor plans.
  2. 3ds Max: For 3D modeling and rendering.
  3. SketchUp: For 3D modeling and visualization.
  4. Revit: For BIM capabilities and project management.
  5. Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign): For graphic design and presentation purposes.

Please note that the actual course structure may vary slightly, and it is essential to check with Caddesk Marathahalli for specific details and software versions they provide.